Monday, April 26, 2010

must have mondays {inspiration}

Wow, it has been way too long.

These past few months have been interesting. I moved to a new state and have been on an emotional roller coaster! Last week I successfully found a new job! I will be working at a Consignment store in a really cool neighborhood. They sell furniture, housewares, knick-knacks, and women's clothing! The ultra bonus is that there are two big sweet dogs who hang out in the store all day! I know that I will be able to find some great items and inspiration while working there full time.

I have been seriously lacking inspiration these past few weeks and have been completely preoccupied with life! I really love where I'm living and have been trying to get out of the house and explore more than anything. After getting my new job and feeling like things have finally turned around I decided that getting back into blogging is a must.

Here is a completely random set of images I have been collecting over the past few weeks.

What has been inspiring you lately?!?!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

obsession {Shoegaze Boot}

Am I totally nuts for being obsessed with these little booties by Shellys of London?!?! Not only am I already infatuated with Sea Foam Green they are made of canvas! I think they would be adorable with denim shorts or frilly summer dresses. I don't see any reason not to get them, but I have a feeling there might be some people who are totally over them.

What do you think of these?

{ - $60}

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

steampunk jewelry {days long gone}

Words can't even describe how AWESOME the jewelry hand made by Days Long Gone is. She has created some seriously unique jewlery at extremely reasonable prices. I really just want it all and totally could wear the necklaces with everything I own! The first piece is currently my favorite but I truly want one of her moth key necklaces, hopefully I can snag one for myself soon.

Are you feeling the steampunk jewelry?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

obsession {lulu's shoe collection}

Obviously not much needs to be said here.

This is just a small amount of the amazing shoes they have over at Lulu's right now and I really wish I could have them all! The black flats with the bow are seriously unbelievable, I can't seem to get over how simple but utterly beautiful they are. One thing that keeps me coming back is their prices are always in a reasonable range for most girls and they have a huge variety of party dresses that I couldn't pick just one to buy.

Which pair do you like the best?


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

stop, drop, and crop it!

Ok some people either hate or love the crop top look. I personally love it but not necessarily by itself, I'm a total fan of layering with a crop top or having an extra large one paired with something high waisted. Top Shop has a ridiculous amount of them right now and they are hard to avoid in general while shopping around in the new Spring fashion lines. I think they will be super cute for those really really hot days during the summer. Not to mention they are super easy to make when looking around the men's tee department in thrift stores.

Would you rock a crop top?

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