Tuesday, August 11, 2009

true blood.

A few people in the office I work for are obsessed with True Blood and while the first season was still airing there would be a continuous buzz about the previous night's episode. I had the first season saved in my Netflix queue for months and the day it came out I instantly had it in my dvd player. The first disk only had two episodes on it so I watched both of them that night. Let me just say I am a huge vampire fan in general and was horribly disappointed in these first two episodes. I just could not imagine how there could be so much hype for such a cheesy show. When I told this to my office mates they all assured me that I needed to just get through the first few episodes and then I surely would be hooked.

Thank god for my laptop and the ability to hook it up to my huge tv because I went online to find all the episodes to watch instead of waiting for Netflix. I must say I am now very much into True Blood and am stoked that I can watch the new episodes from the second season the day after they premiere on HBO. I am not gonna lie I have begun to have a lil crush on Eric and am madly in love with Lafayette. So to sum up this story it's true get through the first couple episodes and you will start to love the characters way more than you would ever like the dialogue. I would also like to add that the second season of True Blood is way more entertaining and addictive to watch than the first. So start watchin' that shit.

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