Monday, August 10, 2009

must have mondays {florals}

Growing up as a kid I was a huge tomboy; I shopped in the boys department and hated wearing skirts and dresses. In high school I still did not like partaking in shopping or wearing anything remotely "girly". I didn't even start wearing makeup until my senior year; I was way more into music and going to shows, my clothing consisted of band shirts and hoodies. It wasn't until I left working with food and got my first retail clothing job of opening Urban Outfitters that I really started to love shopping. It probably didn't help that I got 40% off and was constantly surrounded by new clothes and things I just had to have. For years I constantly bought crap whether it was from Urban, my new job at American Apparel, the flea market, or the many thrift stores in town. I would buy stuff to buy it and would always convince myself that I will wear it someday. Over the past two years I have finally broken free from that cycle and have been only purchasing stuff that I know for a fact that I will wear.

Soooooo...... to sum things up I'm not so tomboyish any more, I love wearing skirts and dresses and have even begun loving florals! I think floral prints look great paired with leather bombers, jean jackets or some boots. All in all when you pair up florals with something rough you get the perfect balance between girly girl and tomboy; which is just perfect for me.

the end.

{Forever 21 - $19.80}
{Urban Outfitters - $19.99}
{Pink Ice - $19.99}
{Heritage 1981 - $24.90}
{Modcloth - $49.99}
{Lulu's - $27.00}

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