Thursday, September 24, 2009

spend or save. has done it again! The top pair of shoes are the Ash 'Diamond" Wedge that were retailing for almost $300.00 and the bottom pair have just been released on for $27.00!

I know that the pair aren't as luxurious as the Ash wedge but when you don't have an extra $300 to drop on some shoes makes me conclude the alternative is not too shabby. I actually kind of like the wood trim in the heel.

What are your thoughts on this spend or save situation?



Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i would go with the 'save' pair...even though i'm normally one to spend a lot of money on shoes, i don't usually do that with trendier styles like this. i think the less expensive pair is pretty cute and a close match!!

Ashley Marie said...

Hey! Happened upon your blog via LeBlogdeBetty and I love this segment! Being on a rather tight budget myself, I simply adore good finds! I'll be checking back often! Great luck with your blog. (I've been working on getting mine out there too..!)

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