Friday, September 25, 2009

robin's outfit wish list {top shop}

Starting with this post I will occasionally be hosting guests on my blog, today I gave the first opportunity to Robin. I sent her a Miss Van painting this morning and asked her to go to to pick out an outfit that inspired her from the art. These are the magnificent items that she chose. When I first received the choices that Robin picked I was caught off guard by her simplicity, she normally goes for prints and a lot of mixing of colors, but she really took the modesty of the painting and came up with an elegant day time outfit fit for any lady. I must say I am loving the zipper top! What do you think of Robin's outfit?

{top - $70}
{shorts - $55}
{heels - $125}
{purse - $100}


Julia mode said...

lovely choice =)


cupcake.trash said...

I agree with you.

Love your blog!

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