Thursday, September 10, 2009

shopping cart {aldos}

This is currently what I have in my Aldo's shopping cart. I am giving myself till the end of the day to make my decision. The only thing I am having trouble possibly buying are those gorgeous blue peep toes, they aren't something that I need. I have been desperatley looking for the perfect pair of black heels and these Rosemore ones just fit the bill. Plus, the black heels are on sale originally $125 now only $85! Ugh buy why can't I just buy them all?!?!

{Segura - $90}
{Varble - $65}
{Rosemore - $85}
{Betsinger - $15}


Shelle said...

Is that a bracelet? Love it!

Caroline, Lucky Umbrella said...

Aldo's selection has drastically improved over the past year or two. Loving those bright blue babies!

cupcake.trash said...

Shelle: That is a bracelet!! I adore it.

Caroline: I have to agree Aldo's has stepped up their game recently

Both of you have great blogs!

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