Friday, September 11, 2009

I want a dog.

Every single day I say to someone "Awww, I want a dog!!!!"
While growing up we always had a dog, always. I haven't had a dog in almost 8 years and it kills me everyday! It also doesn't help that I live one block from the newly renovated SPCA in Santa Cruz; every time I go for a jog or bike ride I see tons of dogs being walked and I will then say to Nick "Awww, I want a dog!!!!" Poor Nick.

The reason I haven't gotten a dog yet is because I'm not a selfish jerk. Nick and I work a lot and I don't like leaving dogs in crates for 9 hours a day or letting them cause mayhem in my house while I'm gone. Plus Santa Cruz is not very dog friendly for people who rent.

So, I resort to loving every person's dog I meet and looking at youtube videos of dogs and puppies doing silly things. So when I was on today I probably watched the Slide Dog about three times. I'm not going to lie I also watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet!


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