Sunday, August 23, 2009

birthday presents to me.

My 24th birthday is Wednesday; this year I decided that I was going to treat myself to some really nice presents. I have been saving a lot of money this past year and have come to realize once in a while you need to splurge on yourself, especially if it's your birthday! I don't usually post too much on Twitter but I do follow a lot of online stores that I like because you are always the first to know about their sales and limited items. That was the case for my first present to myself.......the Jeffery Campbell Unicorn heels in black!! I rarely spend a lot on shoes since I usually snag them at great deals, but these Unicorn heels have been the talk on a lot of fashion blogs these past few months. I always hear that they are either pre-order only or very limited in quantities on certain sites that do carry them. That's where Twitter comes back into the story; announced earlier this week that they were going to be receiving them in a few days. The moment they hit their site I snagged my self a pair and can't stop thinking about them!!!! They are supposed to be here the day before my birthday so they will be the perfect addition to my outfit when Nick takes me to dinner. The second present I bought myself was some makeup which I don't really wear too much of. I am not the best at applying makeup and tend to go really basic with it when I do wear it. I was in Macy's today looking to replace my broken sunglasses when I saw the MAC counter and thought man I really should figure out how to apply makeup and invest in some nice stuff. I went over to just browse around when one of the sales girls asked if she could help me, maybe I looked a little confused and overwhelmed by the options and colors. She helped me with tips of applying eye shadow (I am horrible at putting on) but in the end I got a good start to a great collection of makeup products.

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AlyciAmore said...

Those shoes are kickass! Love them! Gotta love pampering yourself, its always fun! However it makes my wallet happier when someone else is pampering me lol

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