Thursday, January 14, 2010

haiti earthquake 2010

I'm sure most of you around the world have heard the news of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday and has destroyed their capital Port-au-Prince. The news reports so far have stated that 3 million people (1/3 the population) have been affected by this natural disaster, and some agencies are claiming that close to 100,000 are expected to be dead. Before this earthquake even hit this nation it was considered the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Yesterday I took a few moments to make a cash donation to the Red Cross. I could hardly say I didn't have a small amount of money I could contribute to this horribly devastated nation. If you feel like helping out please use the following links to send money directly to help the cause.

{photos - yahoo}


San said...

You're right. Just donated some money. Thanks for the reminder.

bsmithhill said...

Just donated as well. Good for you for remembering to put the SPCA as a worthy cause as well.

Couture Carrie said...

Such a tragedy.
Excellent post, darling.


AlyciAmore said...

These is just one more thing I will contribute to this year! Great post!

michelle_ said...

its so sad that the world is filled with natural disasters these days.. i know what the situation is like bcos a city in my home country (aceh) got hit my tsunami as well years back then..

its good that the government is allowing any doctor/nurse volunteers to get a free plane ride to haiti.

thanks for the warm comments as usual..
have a great weekend ahead !

visit, comment , follow me at .
glisters and blisters :D

Anonymous said...

its so sad
great post

Diane said...

Thanks for the comment. It's sad to hear about these people, but the first image is really pretty, if I may add...

Have a nice day!


FashionJazz said...

Its devastating! Thanks so much for sharing this. xx

Inspiration in Italy said...

It is just so terrible. Thank you for this reminder.


Anonymous said...

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Macaron Treats ♥♥ said...

This is so horrible, natural disaster are always such a shock to the system.. but so are any other kind. i donated some money xxx

AudreyAllure said...

it's such a terrible thing that happened.

Cherry Lou said...

This is an awful time for Haitian people. You do a good thing putting the links on your blog.

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