Thursday, December 24, 2009

shopping cart {spanish moss vintage}

I was putting some of my favorite items from Spanish Moss Vintage into my cart and suddenly realized that everything I am loving from them is BLACK; I mean everything! I love color but black is the huge staple in my closet and I am usually wearing it in some part of my outfit everyday. I especially love grey and white layered with black that would have to be my ultimate color combo. I actually started following Spanish Moss Vintage when they first started selling on ebay I have bid on countless items but never win! So I was stoked when they opened up an online store with no bidding necessary! I am seriously head over heels for that hooded dolman dress.

Have you ever purchased anything from them?


Couture Carrie said...

So fun and edgy! Love all the lace and sheer pieces!
I have never shopped there before; will have to go check it out!

Merry Christmas, darling!


Mila said...

Wow,looks really good!

Ani said...

Nice clothes :)

Diane said...

Love the second one!
Love lace!

Merry Christmas!

AlyciAmore said...

Wow, those are phenomenal items/outfits! I agree, the hooded dress is amazing! As well as the feathered vest, its a nice alternative to the very popular fur vests. I will have to check them out!

Sailesina said...

wow me encantaron todas las imagenes super.. te sigo

feliz navidad xoxo!!

So wicked trendy-Neva products said...

as usual i love your selection!!

michelle_ said...

this is a lovely collection !
playing texture of black outfits pieces is the best .

thanks for the sweet comments as always !
GLISTERS AND BLISTERS. blogspot . com would love to wish a very MERRY CHRISTMAS !
<3 may you wishes come true .

xoxo . Michelle ..


Great items! Love it! And I can't agree more on the black with great and white layering! <3

Sher said...

I've never purchased anything from them but every piece looks seriously amazing!!

The F Word Online said...

this is such a great selection. the oversized hoody in the fourth is my favourite.

xx lue

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

im loving the lace jacket and the mesh dress. said...

I love them! I used to look everyday for inspiration, and I totally forgot about them, thanks to your post I am reminded again.. lovely

hope to hear from you !@
stay lovely.xxxoo

Anonymous said...

Very fun, I love the lacey cardigan and lacey dress
definitely going to check them out!

V. said...

fall in love to ur selection !!!!!

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