Monday, November 23, 2009

must have mondays {puppies}

I want a puppy to
I will admit I'm not really a cat person, kittens are cute but I love dogs so much more! I need a bigger dog that I can play with and take running, I am totally not a fan of small dogs that people turn into accessories.

Do you have an animal you just can't live with out?

{photos -}


Tights Lover said...

I am a cat person, I have a couple of them. But these are cute pics. I love the third dog down, he looks like a miniature fox!

Alexandra said...

I'm dying over all of them...but the first one w the little pink nerd glasses is killing me... i love her!

Cherry Lou said...

OMG the third is so cute with his bad boy face!
I love puppies. When I was younger, me & my family had a puppy for Christmas. I was sick and slept for hours, but when I woke up the little cute dog slept next to me. It was a perfect Christmas!
Now I have 2 cats, a fat sleepy one and a little tiger! I love them both <3

Cherry Lou said...
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Cherry Lou said...
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Nerdic.. said...

Ah the first picture is so cute!
I want a puppy too!
X, fashion-nerdic.

betty | said...

I'm not a cat person at all! I'm allergic to them and I think most cats act really stupid and weird. I'm a dog person 100%. I even like when my dog chases the neighbour's cats teehee ;)

Couture Carrie said...

Adorable post, darling!
I love dogs!!


Sarah said...

Sweet pictures. I have a bird and two guinea pigs and I love them:)

The Freakum Dress said...

OMG, the first is so cute !

Anonymous said...

I just want them all! so adorable!

Shannon said...

I have a weakness for baby animals, especially puppies.
My friend's cat had kittens & my family is thinking of getting one. Sooo excited!!


ffocuss said...

Nice pics. Humans are my favorite animals.

B a la Moda said...

OH! This is the cutest post. Love the puppies. I wish they were always that size. I am also a dog person more than a cat one.

B* a la Moda

gemma said...

please stop

i want one now!

must be strong!

San said...

Just found your blog and loooove it.

I'm a dog person too! I love the "fox", he's so bad ass.

Never had a pet, because I'm allergic, I'd love to have a Weimeraner (, so cute) short hair, trim and loooves to run.

Cheers San

valncami said...

OHH MY GOD! that first picture literally made me go "awwwww" in a high pitched and unattractively squeaky voice hahah! so damn cute! i want a puppy too!! but i have two cats, who i love and wouldn't want to make them sad if i got a puppy!

you've got an awesome blog, im so glad i came across it!

wanna follow each other?
i'm def. folowing you now!

come visit our blog! <3
xo, camilla

FashionJazz said...

OMG, these pics are the cutest!!! I LUV the first one!! I am a huge animal lover, cats and dogs, but I really want a small dog : ) xx

aymbra said...

so cute! fanatic of the dalmatian!

Closet Cravings said...

Ok. I soooooo love the first picture. That puppy is so effin' cute.

I always considered myself a dog person (I still am), but three years ago my hubby bought me a munchkin cat for christmas. Munchkin cats have short little legs. Now I have 2. Why? Because they are seriously too cute.

Diane said...

Oh my God, the first dog looks absolutely F***ING sweet. I just want to squeeze it !!!

Anyway you have a very nice blog, I'll be following it :)

Maybe you'll check out mine too :D


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