Tuesday, October 6, 2009

tiny dancer.

Is it weird that I am 24 and have a curious impulse of taking ballet classes? Any of you readers out there dancers? I really just want to take classes for fun, am I too old?

{topshop - $100}
{forever21 - $16}


Anonymous said...

I took dance for 15 years...ages 3-18. Ballet, Tap and Jazz. HARD WORK if you have little legs like me :)

But you're never too old! Be the dark ballerina!

cupcake♥trash said...

which type of dance did you enjoy the most?

ariela♥ said...

I just joined ballet and I must say I love it!

I'm 15 and I've heard its never too late to start taking ballet. A studio near you should have adult beginning classes.


Samantha Simple said...

Everything you posted is so pretty and dreamy. I love it.


nameeee here!? said...

love the colours
love the set ♥


Eva said...

love the photo with the girls with the long ballet tutus !
you should go for it ! there was a twenty something doing my ballet class and that was for beginers ! xxx

ruth. said...

NO! it's never too late :)
everyone said I was too old at 14, but I've managed to catch up with the others!
Your ballet inspired post is absolutely beautiful ♥


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