Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sequins. sequins. sequins.

I was on this morning and immediately noticed their new cream colored sequins jacket and I fell in love. I decided to search their site for more sequins and they had 8 pages worth of glittery goodness. I typically don't wear too much sequins but I am definitely open to the new designs that have been coming out, especially digging the leggings. I really think that you could look amazing with a really simple outfit and then add that pop of craziness called sequins. What do you think of the new sequins trend that has been rolling out?

{topshop - $190}
{forever21 - $11}
{pixiemarket - $49}
{modcloth - $50}
{lulus - $25}
{patriciafields - $230}
{marriedtothemob - $230}
{topshop - $110}


Samantha Simple said...

oooo sparkly Sequins never looked sooo good

Friend in Fashion said...

I am totally coveting sequins at the moment - loving that first jacket - just gorgeous! :)

A "cheery" disposition said...

The first one is stunning!

Jacqueline said...

I am obsessed with sequins. My boyfriend had to tell me to stop buying sequin stuff. Haha. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am loving your blog!


ALEXANDRA P. said...

i love sequins and bows! Ill take the top shop sweater!!!!

The Haute-Shopper said...

I think sequins got a bit of a bad reputation when tackier designs during the disco era came out, but the newer versions are quite gorgeous. Great selection! That Topshop jacket is pretty amazing.

Lovely blog by the way :)

La Balkana said...

the topshop jacket and the bow-top look so lovely :)
#' Iv

Wendy said...

Im, sequined here <3
Awesome post on whats sequined!


elledee said...

I think you have the same sequin obsession that I do!

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