Monday, October 26, 2009

must have mondays {books}

I absolutely love reading....LOVE IT! Right now I have four books I am reading at once, not sure how the hell I am able to do that but it's happening. They are all random books; but they all subtly relate by being fictional fantasy novels. I was sick this weekend and depressed by my macbook's hard drive failing - resulting in me losing everything; I was terribly heart broken because I lost all of my photos. What did I do to remedy the situation you ask? I ordered a ton of Chinese food and read all weekend. I can read for hours on end and really love the feeling of being completely submerged into a novel and having the sense of being in another world. I have a huge list of books that I can include that I have already read and I adore but I will spare you and just show you what I'm reading right now. By the way I have never seen the movie IT but let me tell you the book is pretty fucking spooky! What book are you reading?!?!


Katie-Jane said...

I've recently become a fan of reading, I blame the HP books, they were what got me into it. I'm reading the Sookie Stackhouse series atm also, I'm on book 5, love them! I am totally with Eric! Yum! :)

misskim said...

I am the same as you, I have so many books on the go at once.
I used to read around 4 novels a week, but don't get/make the time to read that much anymore.
I am also part way through Sigurd & Gudrun by Tolkien. Also part way through Dracula, Persuassion, Sylvia and heaps more that I can't even remember at the moment!
I think my all time favorite book would have to be When Jays Fly to Barbmo by Margaret Balderson. I read it years ago but I think of it every few days. One that really touched me. Also the Garth Nix trilogy; Sabriel, Lireal & Abhorsen are AMAZING! Love those ones.
Sigh there's so many good books.
I would love to see your long list! I love sharing titles with people and expand my range :)

My Passport to Style said...

Hi thanks, for your comment on my blog, new here, great to meet a blogger who doesn't take themselves or life too seriously.Loved the content in your post keeping it real brilliant!Will be back, as have decided to follow you! Sharon xxxooo(UK)

Ashley said...

I am reading "Haunted" by Chuck Palahnuik! I love Chuck's work and when I am submerged in his books, I feel as if I am in another world as well :)

I am a slow reader, but I love reading once I devote time to it :)

.mackie said...

I'm reading 'It' right now too! Only half way through. I agree it's freaking crazy. Haven't seen the movie either, but I heard it didn't really live up to the book.

Also reading 'The Notebook' b/c my roommate had it and I needed the break from 'It'. Plus Ryan Gosling is hot.

Jyun said...

Aah, you make me want to read books again.

AlyciAmore said...

Ahh I love the Sookie Stackhouse books, I am waiting for the next one to be released!

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