Monday, September 28, 2009

must have mondays {vinyl toys}

No matter what age I am I will always collect toys.....ALWAYS!

Growing up I was constantly collecting tons of stuff, I go through phases where I will collect the shit out of something. Normally it will be some random items like porcelain unicorns, tea cups, sanrio cell phone charms...I think you get the idea. One thing that I have been consistent with collecting is vinyl toys, and it is super awesome that there are so many designs to come by these days. I am not the type to keep said toys in their packages to preserve them for future money making; yeah right, I take those toys out before I even get home.

{kidrobot - $9.95}
{kidrobot - $4.95}
{myplasticheart - $24.99}
{myplasticheart - $54.99}
{myplasticheart - $49.99}
{3dretro - $64.99}
{3dretro - $67.99}
{3dretro - $59.99}
{3dretro - $29.99}


B a la Moda said...

Cute robots!

B* a la Moda

betty | said...

I love vinyl toys too. Sadly there are almost no stores here that carry them so I have to order them online which always costs a lot because of the shipping :(

I love your blog! I'm following you.

cupcake♥trash said...


that is a huge bummer about the toys though!! I will have to post all of the toys I have :)~

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